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About Us

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Wayne State University Electrical and Computer Engineer
On Star by GM LEAD GPS Validation Engineer
Fiat and Cryssler Automobiles Lead unconnected/telematics subsystem engineer
Ford Lead Electrical Subsystem Electrical Engineer Lead Ford Pass Connected Vehicles System Engineer

Product Features

Virtual Assistance

The only mobile app that virtually assists the visually impaired, hearing impaired, senior citizens, and those with mobility impairments with real-time data and location.


The solution to the first mile/last mile transit problem. We provide outdoor navigation for directions and discovery when exploring new surroundings. No matter where you are, Tappy Guide will lead you in the right direction.


provides indoor navigation at participating businesses such as office buildings, grocery stores, sporting/concert venues, museums, hospitals etc.*


Help locate handicapped parking spaces and handicapped accessible buildings that are wheelchair accessible.

Tappy Guide For Everyone

  • Tappy Guide is the perfect solution for anyone who is not familiar with new city attractions. Veterans, senior citizens, out-of-towners and tourists.
  • Tappy Guide is designed to work with any transportation company to assist their riders solve the first mile/last mile problem.
  • Free indoor navigation and accessible information for all businesses in the city with 2,000 sq ft of “public” space.
  • Bringing back the “Human Element” when in need of assistance.


What are some challenges with Tappy Guide?

Outdoor areas with low network/GPS coverage

Indoor buildings with low network/GPS coverage

Limit device battery usage

Limit cellular data usage

Tappy Guide


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